Wolf Moon Grove is a Traditional Wiccan Coven, based in the Miami, Florida area. Wolf Moon is first out of Mystic Moon Coven, based in Davie, Florida.


High Priestess is Lady Pandora, and High Priest is Lord Nashoba. Other founding members of this coven are Runa and MoonQuest. These four were blessed in the addition of a truly exceptional group of students in the Outer Court, most of whom have since been initiated into the Inner Court.

This group had been long in planning, but by Mabon of 1998, it had become evident, by too many signs and omens to ignore, that the time had come for Wolf Moon to become a reality. The formal naming and dedication of this Grove took place at the precise moment the moon became full, on the Wolf Moon (the first full moon in January), which occurred on January 1, 1999. With the help, love, and blessings of Lady Tara, of Mystic Moon Coven, our group remained strong and focused through some rough and sad times.

Runa and MoonQuest were elevated to Second Degree on February 15, 2000, making them official Elders in the group. Our Covening (the ritual which elevates a "Grove" to an autonomous "Coven") followed. In a beautiful and memorable Ceremony, presided over by Lady Tara, Wolf Moon officially became an autonomous coven.

First Degree initiations of Frey, Fire Dragon, Janna, Aeson and Allura ran from February into March, leaving Wolf Moon with an Inner Court of ten sincere and dedicated individuals, bound together truly in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.


Sadly, our beloved sister, Vivaine, was killed in a car crash only weeks before she was to have been initiated.  She was a wonderful daughter of the Goddess, kind, gentle and wise, and her loss was painful to all of us.  But we still find comfort in the memory of her humor and her love for all of us.


The roots of Wolf Moon are Gardnerian, following the path of Gerald Gardner, often thought of as the “Father of Modern Wicca.”


By October 2001, however, it had become clear to all our members that we had expanded our studies far beyond those limitations, and we elected, by unanimous vote, to formally recognize the fact that we have become eclectic.


We have no intentions of turning our backs on our Gardnerian heritage.  We are simply adding to it.  All our students will learn everything standard for that tradition, and will be fully equipped to teach and train Gardnerian Covens in their own right as they reach Third Degree and become High Priestesses and High Priests with their own groups.

We have now had several "Wicca 101" classes to meet with prospective members of our next Outer Court, and have met many really wonderful people. The saddest thing about making our selection for the next Outer Court is that we will not have room for all those who have expressed interest and who would make great additions to our Coven (or any other Coven, for that matter).


Wolf Moon is passionately dedicated to preserving and protecting our Mother, the Earth, and to honoring the Old Gods, with special emphasis on the Great Goddess, in all her aspects, and the Horned God, her son and consort.

We place a tremendous emphasis on healing activities and positive Magick, founded on love and compassion for all things, since we believe that everything in the universe contains a spark of the divine spirit from which all things come.

We are also dedicated to networking with other Pagan and Wiccan groups for fellowship, communion and exchange of thoughts, ideas and activities.  We have been actively involved in the Goddess 2000 Project, and hope to continue meeting and sharing knowledge with our Pagan brothers and sisters.