Welcome to the Poetry Page, wherein we plan to present a collection of poems and other writings by members and friends of Wolf Moon Coven.  While we have a number of writings already to present, we wanted the first to be a beautiful and thought-provoking piece by our friend, NytSeaDragon.

Lord Nashoba comments:  “When NytSeaDragon first allowed me to read his poem, our web page was barely in its earliest stages of development.  But I knew I wanted to be able to post the poem on our site.  When the author graciously agreed to allow us to do so, I felt that it was so beautiful that it deserved to be presented in a special way.  I then designed a background, banner, etc., which I hope do justice to this poem.  These graphics are my tribute to the poem and its author.  I only hope they do it justice.”  The poem is “Born Again.” 

Lord Nashoba, in recognition of the many gifts and blessings bestowed by the Great Goddess, and of his obligation to pass on these blessings to all Her children, wrote his personal dedication of his life and honor to Her in his “Vow to the Triple Goddess

 Other writings by our Covenors and other friends will follow, so check back often, and may our efforts find favor in Her sight.


Blessed Be!