Born Again…


The crowd gathered here on this hill of Calvary

Warn me that if I enter the “Beast’s” cave

I will surely die... become one of the damned.


That life eternal is only with them,

They are the only ones who can save me or my soul

They, and a teacher who they saw nailed to a cross

Here at Calvary.


They speak of their teacher’s lessons

Whose purity they have long since forgotten

“Let ye who are among you without sin, cast the first stone”

A rule they have distorted.


One of them steps forward

As I start my way down the hill

Towards the mouth of the cave.


She tells me I’m a fool

That only death and damnation await me

Down this path

Into the fire.


And if I do go

The “One” won’t save me

For she says so.


I hesitate a moment

Doubt floods my mind

I turn back and look to the crowd.


I see the contempt on their faces

The mockery of me, backs turned away

Their way is the only way

I cannot believe that

And I wonder

What would their teacher say

If he saw them now,

Twisted and hateful.


I stroke the mail on my chest

Mail made from the old ways

When Mother Earth was young.


I look to the sky

I see not their heaven

A place I’m not worthy to enter

But feel perfect love, perfect trust

I feel the perfect peace

From the Goddess above.


Determined now

I enter the cave

Feeling the heat

Hearing the steam

Smelling the sulfur.


The Beast moves into the light

And the great dragon Lord

Spreads his wings.


How beautiful, oh how grand

This is no devil

No demon after my soul

It is a being of infinite power and grace.


His mouth moves

And I hear a song

Telling me not to be afraid

It draws in air

Taking my breathe with it         

Taking the life from me

Taking the guilt I’ve suffered

The agony felt from being of a different mind

Than “them.”


Then the dragon exhales........


And when the dragon’s breath falls on me

I do not die, I burn with new life

My rebirth baptized in his fire.


I stand oh so stronger now

The world, my life, the hill, the crowd

Seem much smaller now.


The dragon smiles

Knowing I understand

We give thanks

To the Lord, and to the Lady.


He stands, and shows me another way

A way out of the cave

Away from the hill at Calvary.


I bow to the Dragon Lord

Start down this new path

Born again,

With a dragon’s fire in my blood.


And not the blood spilled from a great teacher

Blood that was shed for me,

For being human.


~by NytSeaDragon