1. Fehu:    Symbol of mobile power, or readily accessible assets.  Clearly define your desire, and carefully seek foresight and wisdom.   This could signify wealth and possessions, or self-rule and the growth of will.   Enjoy good fortune if you now have it, but remember to share it, for only by nourishing others can you be truly nourished.

Inverted:    Obsession with material possessions can develop into greed and avarice, resulting in alienation from society or from your inner self.  Your arrows repeatedly miss the target. Observe the situation, and ask, "What do I need to learn to further my progress?"  Control your energies and resources, using them with wisdom.

2. Uruz:    This is the energy of the Primal Source, the original procreation.  It symbolizes growth and transformation.  The life you have been living is due for major change.  This is not a Rune of ending, but is instead a Rune of new beginnings.  There may be darkness, but it is that of a tunnel leading to a new life.  The light will be brighter at the end.  Prepare for an opportunity disguised as a loss.

Inverted:    Could indicate over-protectiveness or possessiveness, or the misuse of strength or power.  You may fail to take advantage of the moment.  It is possible that your strength may seem to be used against you.  The seeming failure may come as a minor or major jolt, depending on your awareness.   Remember, life is a cycle and you will again reach this point to again have this choice.

3. Thurisaz:    There is work to be done, both within yourself and without, however there is need for caution.  Do not act impulsively, or without knowledge.  Beware of the potential results of your words and deeds. Know that waiting may be just the right action to take.  If you wait, remove resistance while waiting.  You may be ready to contact the Divine, for this power can lead to evolution and regeneration.  This is a strong erotic power, which can be channeled into other types of energy.  You can now see that which is hidden inside, and know that in so doing, you will be doing the right action.

Inverted:    This Rune can symbolize an enemy, or danger from the outside.  Your progress may accelerate, but remember to pause for contemplation.   Integrate the new.  Do not act hastily now, or you may regret it.  Temper your impulses through meditation.

4. Ansuz:    This is the sovereign divine conscious power of the god Ódhinn.  It can symbolize new life and inspiration, or promise intellectual gifts or the linguistic gifts of oratory or poetry.  This Rune can symbolize a teacher or a priest. A connection with the Divine, or the inner self, may be at hand. 

Inverted:    Be aware during meetings with others.  Poor communication may lead to delusion.  Remember, what happens now is timely to your development.   Danger may come from unwholesome influences or the misuse of your own knowledge or gifts.  Boredom or the death of the intellect may result from misuse.

5.  Raidho:    This may portend a journey, either physical or spiritual, or it may signal a change in a relationship or your domestic situation.   It can symbolize a person in the fields of law and justice on one hand, or travel and transportation on the other.   Justice can be expected, but remember that we are not intended to rely on our power alone.  Ask guidance from the Divine, and know that you will be led to the right action. 

Inverted:    This can bode suffering and hard times.  Personal relationships are threatened now.  Break-ups may be more plentiful than unions, but remember, even failures may be opportunities in disguise.

6. Kenaz:    This is the Rune of creation, symbolizing light breaking through to dispel the clouds.   It is the fire of inspiration and creativity, of the hearth, the forge and the altar.  This Rune can symbolize an artist, or crafts person.  Through awareness of the fire’s light, understanding comes to you and enables you to spread light and understanding to others.  This can portend a change, a transformation, perhaps a child.

Inverted:  Clouds are now beginning to cover the sun.  A partnership or love affair may be ending.  Give up the old gladly, so that the new can be welcomed.

7.  Gebo:    Be prepared to be generous, and to accept the generosity of others.  You may receive spiritual or a material gift, or the gift of another’s heart.   If a union is at hand, keep part of yourself separate.  You should both maintain your own identities.  It can represent someone in a service industry, or someone who works for a charitable or ecological organization.

Inverted:    There is no inverse.  Negative aspects of the Rune, however, may include a tendency toward being a spendthrift, wasting your material or spiritual resources.  It can symbolize the disruption of a family or a friendship.

8.  Wunjo:    This Rune promises harmony, (personal, domestic and social.) Physical health is either promised, or needs to be attended to.   This is a time for new friendships and social (non-sexual) relationships.  This may be a time for you to reap the harvest of earlier efforts.  Knowledge matures into understanding.  Through new clarity existing ambitions, goals or plans may be seen as less desirable than they appeared with a more limited understanding.

Inverted:    It would be easy to lose your own identity into that of a gestalt, or group mind.  A difficult time is at hand. There is light mixed with the dark, good with the ill, but it may be difficult to discern between them.  Poor relationships, strife and alienation, may be forthcoming.

9. Hagalaz:    There is a need to break free from constraints, and prepare for a change in your life or your situation.  There are some things beyond your control, and there may be strife and turmoil coming into your life.  It signals a need to re-focus your life, aligning it with mythic models.  Though this Rune has only an upright position, it operates through reversal.  You may feel as though you are waking from a long sleep and take some time to come to your full senses.  There may be a loss before there is a great gain.  This Rune may symbolize a magician, sorcerer, mystic, witch, mage or priest.

Inverted:    There is no inverse, but a negative aspect can indicate the potential of a change for the worse.  This can, however, be averted by preparation and planning.  While crisis may not be totally avoided, it can be controlled.

10. Nauthiz     There is stress, but it can be turned into strength.  Restraint is called for.  There will be holdups, and the need to reconsider your plans carefully.   Original thought, creativity and self-reliance could see you through a difficult time.   Try to restore harmony in your life, but if you cannot, at least strive for balance.  There is an indication of extreme passion in a love affair (torrid romance or major crisis.)  This Rune can symbolize a menial worker, a laborer or farmer, or it can stand for a magician or mage.

Inverted:   External circumstances are shaping our present situation in ways over which we have no control.  We may face pain and hardship, but this can be a source of strength and knowledge.  Friction within ourselves, our families, our coworkers may create stress, but cleansing can help to strengthen the character.   There will be a temptation to take the easy way out of a stressful situation, but this will be a major mistake, leading to a weakening of one’s character. 

11. Isa:    Winter has come upon you, chilling your spirit.  Difficult situations must be managed through your own inner resources, since you can expect no help from outside yourself.  You seem to be in stasis, locked in ice, and unable to move. Any major accomplishment is unlikely now.   Concentrate on keeping up, not trying to get ahead.   There may be some outdated habit or idea that you need to relinquish, so that the thaw will follow.  This Rune may symbolize a rogue, a mystic, a scoundrel, a corpse, or the spirit of one already crossed over into the Summerlands.

Inverted:    There is no inverse.  Negative influences, however, can be the weakening of the will, or allowing one to be controlled by others, dominated by outside influences or forces.  You may be blinded to the totality of all that is going on in your life, concentrating on trifles and ignoring the more urgent and significant problems.

12.   Jera:    Beneficial rewards will be the result of whatever endeavor you have undertaken in love and honor.  Justice will prevail, and virtue will be rewarded.   Have patience, however, since it may take time for results to appear.  A span of time is always involved.   No farmer can rush his harvest by tugging on the young shoots.   This Rune can symbolize a farmer, or someone involved in finance (a banker, stockbroker, etc.)

Inverted:    There is no inverse.  Negative aspects can include bad results from bad deeds (the other side of the coin of “Justice.”)  There may be a tendency to be enslaved by routine, trapped in old habits. 

13.   Ihwaz:    This is the symbol of Yggdrasil, the world tree, with its roots in the earth and its branches in the heavens.  It promises mental and spiritual growth and development.  You may seem to be powerless, but you must be tough, disciplined and flexible.  Patience is called for, and waiting may be the most desirable action.    Seek independence from the routine of your regular life, so that you may grow in diversity and wisdom.  This Rune may symbolize a mage or a mystic.

Inverted:    There is no inverse, however the Rune may portend obstacles.   Even they, however, may help us in our progress toward the light of inner wisdom. 

14. Perthro:    This Rune promises joyful changes and good surprises.  This is a lucky Rune to draw, since it portends joy and harmony.  It portends good fellowship and happiness, akin to the “gemütlicheit” of the German beer halls.  It may represent an entertainer, a musician, or a bard.

Inverted:    Do not expect too much right now, and do not allow yourself to become addicted to the pleasures of the senses.  Unwise use can lead to squandering your resources and gifts, while a blockage leads to stultification and stagnation. 

15.   Elhaz:     This Rune is a two-edged sword, and can bode danger for anyone other than an experienced or gifted Vitki, or Rune Mage.   One should not try to grasp this sword, but to become one with it.  Brains, not brawn, will serve you well in problems faced at this time.  This Rune generally does not signify persons, but rather divine or spiritual beings and/or forces.  It can foretell an awakening of craft and cunning in the individual.

Inverted:    There may be hidden danger waiting to ensnare you.  Hasty and ill-considered actions will plunge you into serious problems.  There is the danger of being swallowed up by archetypal forces, which you think to shape to your will with inadequate knowledge or preparation.  This can result in damage to both spiritual and physical health.

16.  Sowilo:    What you strive to be, you already are.  You are receiving good counsel, and this is a time for good hope.  It promises good fortune in any journey, especially one over water.  This is the time for recharging and regenerating yourself.  If you must retreat from pressing situations, make it a retreat in strength, not weakness.    Let the Sun illuminate the secrets you hid even from yourself.    This Rune may symbolize a sailor, a traveler or a teacher.

Inverted:    There is no inverse.  Negative aspects, however, include a tendency to be easily led by unworthy teachers, to accept illogical premises only because they are presented pleasantly.  There is a danger of being misled.

17.  Tiwaz:    This is the Rune of faith, truth, trust, loyalty and devotion, summed up by the old word “troth.”  You can expect justice, especially if you base your actions on well thought out plans.  The path to enlightenment may lead through self-sacrifice.  If you have dark corners, clean them out now.    If you need help to cleanse the corners, seek an expert.  Only then can the harvest ripen.  If you evidence “troth,” you can expect it in return.  This Rune may signify a scientist, philosopher or scholar.

Inverted    There is interference with growth, especially if you allow yourself to be bogged down in details.  While planning is essential, it must be followed through by doing.   Take time to relax.   Self-sacrifice should not be an end in itself.  Beware of injustice, illusion, imbalance and disharmony.

18.  Berkano:    This is a Rune which promises prosperity, fertility, productivity and beauty.  It may portend new elements of excitement being introduced into a romantic or erotic relationship.  Look for tranquil growth and spiritual development within the framework of tradition.  It represents the “Divine Feminine,” the female force.  Thus, it can represent a virgin, a mother or a whore.  It stands for all the complexities of the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.

Inverted:    There is no inverse.  Negative attributes, however, can include a tendency to become so lost in the beauty of the natural world that one loses one’s own individuality.  Beware of deceit, and do not rely totally on appearances.

    19.  Ehwaz:    This is the Rune of teamwork, harmony and cooperation.  This unity of work and ideal does not require the sacrifice of individuality.  It can portend a time of transition and physical shifts.  Steady growth and development slowly grow into rich accomplishments.  Face the future with confident expectation that all will be well.  This Rune can represent a partner, either in business or in romance.

 Inverted:   There is a danger of losing yourself in your partner.  A blockage in the force embodied by Ehwaz can result in disharmony, separation, divorce and betrayal.

20.  Mannaz:    This is the Rune of Mankind, standing in all his glory, warts and all.  It stands for nobility and depravity, charity and cruelty.  In short, it stands for Man.  It can portend a newfound clarity of vision, and a willingness to change is effective now.  It can stand for a new awakening into the light of your higher self.  Become right with yourself first, then you can get right with others.  While this Rune can represent any human being at all, it most often stands for a seeker after wisdom.

Inverted:   There is a tendency to dwell on the failures of mankind in general, and yourself in particular.  Do not be overly critical of yourself or of others.  If there is blockage now, it comes from within.  Look to yourself, not to others at this time.  Stop and reconsider.   The outer enemy is but a reflection of you.  Do not lose yourself in delusion, or dwell in fantasy rather than reality.

 21.  Laguz:    This may portend difficult tests ahead.  It is time to reorganize yourself, and realign your priorities.  This may be a time of dramatic changes.   Trust your intuition and success will follow.  Practice self-control, and strive for “Moderation in All Things.”  There may be a feeling of being “out of control,” but do not fear your journey at this time.  Immerse yourself in the experience of “being,” without trying to measure, evaluate or understand the mystical experiences you may have.  Personal growth will come, even though through uncomfortable situations.  This Rune represents a sailor, a lawyer, or a fisherman.

Inverted:    Do not let fear of change keep you from growing. Excessive striving can be damaging.   Are you really drawing upon your wisdom of instinct?  Go within yourself and honor your receptive side.  Stoppage can lead to stunted growth, withering or poverty.

22.  Ingwaz:    Now is the time of great inner strength, rest, and internal growth.  This is a time to bring projects already started to completion before beginning anything new.  Be patient, since projects and ideas are in a time of deep gestation, and need inner stillness to grow to maturity before the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.  Movement may cause you to free yourself from a rut in your life, but be cautious.  Avoid unnecessary turmoil.  This Rune may signify a priest or a farmer.

Inverted:    There is no inverse.  In its negative aspect, this Rune is the curse of many mystics, those who become bottled up inside their own subjective universes, loosing contact with reality.   Self-absorption is a danger, along with the potential for becoming disassociated from the world of nature.

23.  Dagaz:    This Rune generally signifies a major breakthrough in overcoming an obstacle or in achieving a goal.  It can indicate the achievement of an archetypal awareness, often seen as spontaneous inspiration.  This is the sign of the “Day,” indicating a new awakening, moving from the dark to the light.  While you can be confident of the right outcome of major undertakings, the outcome is not always predictable.   Seek the ideal, setting your standards at the highest level.  This portends growth, transformation and maturity.   If followed by the blank Rune, “Ódhinn’s Rune,” the transformation may be so total as to portend a death, a successful conclusion to your passage.  This Rune represents the true seeker.

Inverted:    There is no inverse, and really no truly negative aspect.  The only danger is if the Rune comes to one who does not want it, or who is not prepared for it.  Since the change or transformation is ultimately beneficial, one should try to become prepared for it, rather than fear it.

24. Othila:    This is the Rune of stability and prosperity.   It portends unity and harmony in the household; a time of domestic tranquility.   It can also portend a new and better home, or allegiance to a new and higher cause.  There may be fear involved, since to secure these ends it might be necessary for you to give up old ideas or habits.  It is time for the snake to shed its skin so that it can grow.  This Rune may represent a leader or even a whole group of people who will be in harmony with you.

Inverted:    Do not be bound by preconditioning.  If it is necessary to take a radical departure from old ways, be not afraid.  Be totally honest with yourself now.  The only danger in this Rune comes from an inability (or a refusal) to recognize the proper and traditional order within a group.  Blockage of this force can lead to poverty, misery, homelessness, loneliness or even slavery.

25. Ódhinn:    This is the blank Rune, symbolizing the unknowable and the unseen.  This indicates a crucial time, a time when decisions must be made.  It may be time to take a great leap of faith, to leap over the side of the cliff of doubt into the void of the unknown.  Do so with perfect love and perfect faith.  What beckons is the creative power of the unknown.  The void existed at the beginning of time and will be there in the end, with nothing remaining.  This does not symbolize a person, but rather is representative of the highest spiritual influences.

Inverted:    There is no inverse.  The only danger from this Rune is that of fear of change.