Topaz is a form of Flurohydroxysilicate, typically bonded with Aluminum.  The stone naturally occurs in a wide range of colors, from the reds and pinks through browns and yellows to blues and even greens.  Today, however, many gemologists only recognize the golden yellow variety as being “gem quality” natural Topaz.

This is because so many of the other colors are artificial.  For example, even though some natural pink Topaz has been found in Pakistan, the vast majority of all pink Topaz sold today started as brown Topaz, and derived its color through being baked in ovens.  This process has been used for the last 250 years to produce delicate salmon-pink gemstones.

The “London Blue Topaz” gets its deep dark blue color from being exposed to high levels of radiation.  This procedure is so dangerous that the process has been abandoned in most countries.

And to make matters worse, a number of other stones have been sold as Topaz.  Amethysts, when heat-treated, turns yellow and is then often sold as “Madeira Topaz.”  Some varieties of appropriately colored Quartz also are sold as Topaz, often referred to as “Scottish Topaz,” even though it probably came from mines in Brazil or Peru.

If one is purchasing a piece of jewelry solely for its beauty, then ironically, it really makes little difference whether it is truly a Topaz, or whether the color is natural.

On the other hand, when one chooses the stone not only for its beauty, but also for its metaphysical properties, either for healing or Magick, it is important to purchase from a dealer you can trust, such as Jewelry Design Studio, one who will be scrupulously careful to provide you with only the gem you choose, rather than a substitute.

For thousands of years, Topaz (called Chrysolith by the Ancient Greeks and Romans) has been used for healing.  The mystic, Saint Hildegarde, Abbess of Bingen, made an eye lotion by steeping Topaz in wine, then having one suffering from poor eyesight to rub this solution over the eyes, allowing a little of the mixture to touch the eyeball.

Topaz has been used to help with gout.  It also strengthens the lungs, aiding in asthma and other breathing problems.  As a side effect of this, it helps to prevent colds and tuberculosis.  In either the golden or blue stones, it is a stone of tissue regeneration, frequently worn by burn victims, and also very beneficial for those recovering from surgery.  It helps minimize stress, thus easing tension headaches and insomnia.

The yellow and golden stones are used to strengthen the digestive system, together with the spleen and gallbladder.  It helps with recovery from substance abuse and other forms of detoxification.

Blue Topaz is used to enhance metabolic functions and to aid in thyroid dysfunction.

Emotionally, Topaz is a stone of protection, and actually helps not only with actual protection, but also with the feeling of being protected.  It is a stone of strength and trust, and helps one to overcome fear.

It relieves depression, anger, fear, tension headaches and insomnia.  Bestows inner vision and helps light up the correct direction to pursue. Increases personal abilities. Stimulates the intellect for writers, scientists, and artists. It aids abstract thinking and creativity. Magickally, the golden Topaz is used in abundance spells and rituals.  Set in wands, it was used to find lost and stolen articles, to dowse for precious metals, and to invoke elemental spirits.

Golden Topaz has an affinity with the Archangel Rafael, and is thus useful in study, meditation and inspiration.

Emotionally, the blue Topaz has in common with most other blue gemstones and crystals the qualities of cooling tempers, calming nerves, and helping with emotional balance and tranquility.  Partly due to its calming and stabilizing ability, coupled with an ability to enhance creativity, this stone is especially good for teachers and for artists in all media.

Magickally, the blue Topaz is used to heighten psychic awareness, and is especially useful in aiding in communication with one’s own Higher Self, as well as with beings on the higher planes, such as Spirit Guides.