Tiger eye (Tiger’s Eye, Cat’s Eye) is a type of Chalcedony, a member of the Quartz (Silicon Dioxide) family.  Generally ranging from a deep yellow to a mahogany brown, this stone is notable for its shifting bands of light which move as the stone is turned from side to side. 

This stone is generally cut so that these lines are on the long axis of an oval cabochon, giving the stone the appearance of a feline eye.  This characteristic is known as “chatoyancy,” and it is usually caused from inclusions of Crocidolite Abestos. 

At one point, there was great concern that in those areas where safety precautions are not observed, miners would be at great risk of various forms of Asbestos-induced cancers, including mesothelioma.  Fortunately, however, recent studies indicate that these concerns were somewhat exaggerated.  Those of us who love these stones can buy them in clear conscience.
Some of the most beautiful specimens of Tiger’s Eye come from Australia and Africa.

Interestingly, the brown color is actually not the true color of this stone.  The Crocidolite Asbestos giving it the chatoyancy that makes it so fascinating is normally blue.  Oxidation, however, turns the blue to brown.

Unoxidized stones, with their natural blue eyes, are generally referred to as “Blue Tiger’s Eye,” “Siamese Cat’s Eye,” or “Hawk’s Eye.” 

Both versions have the similar healing and emotional qualities, however there is some difference in the Magickal qualities.  For example, both are used for diseases of the eye, and both good for soothing emotional stress.

Other healing benefits are a general improvement of digestion, together with stimulation and strengthening of the entire digestive system, from the stomach through the colon.  It is also beneficial for problems with the spleen and pancreas.  It is a good stone for diabetics, especially when worn as a pendant on a fairly long chain.  (Over the solar plexus is the ideal position.)

Emotionally, it is good for helping one see all sides of complex issues, looking at the various positions objectively.  This ability is coupled, logically enough, by promoting clear thinking and good judgment.

Magickally, Tiger’s Eye is very protective and luck bringing, thus it has long been carried by travelers.  All of the chatoyant stones have been considered powerful amulets.  The Egyptians used Tiger’s Eye to carve God and Goddess figures, Scarabs and pendants representing the eyes of Horus, Ra, Thoth or Isis.  This stone helps with the psychic gift of clairvoyance, or “clear seeing.”  It was frequently used as an aid in scrying or other forms of divination.  Placing a Tiger’s Eye in front of a scrying mirror, for example, helps the diviner to shift into the “soft focus” state preparatory to the visualization work.

It is also used in prosperity rituals, a role usually reserved for green stones. 

The Blue Tiger’s Eye is used to help one achieve deep meditative states, especially when healing energy is being sought.  It helps one to see deep into physical reality and to develop an insight, which leads to the understanding of the interrelationships between seemingly unconnected events.